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**** Now completely free to download and use! ***

Homework Filter is an easy to use domestic Wi-Fi blocker designed to be installed and run on a supported phone or similar device.

It helps you, as a parent, to create a better environment for doing homework by filtering out certain applications, and so stops your child being distracted by messages and notifications coming to their Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. It allows them to focus.

You choose what to filter: simply add websites to, or delete them from, your filter list at the click of a button.

We believe it promotes responsible learning and safe surfing without having to stand over your child. Once homework time is over, you simply unfilter the sites, and your kids can go back to some valuable downtime.

Supported Devices

Homework Filter is currently available for these phone/device platforms:

Supported Broadband Providers & Routers

Homework Filter currently works for the following broadband providers and Wi-Fi hubs:

Coming Soon


This app is now completely free to download and use!

So, take control and bring back homework harmony!


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